Gerhard von Graevenitz: The Computer Drawings

RCM Galerie is proud to present GERHARD VON GRAEVENITZ: THE C0MPUTER DRAWINGS, a selection of works by the pioneering German-born artist best known for his seminal roles in the avant-garde Zero Group and co-founder of the influential New Tendencies exhibitions in the 1960s in Zagreb, which brought together cutting-edge abstract, light and, eventually, computer artists.
Von Graevenitz, who worked like a machine beginning in the 1950s by exploring random distribution by, for example, casting dice to determine geometrical manipulation, was offered the opportunity to work with the computer in the late 1960s, when these plotter drawings were produced.
Von Graevenitz selected certain drawings he made with the machine for a series of prints, distributed among galleries and collectors. The original, unique plotter drawings, however, remained unseen until their recent discovery in the artist’s archives in Amsterdam.
The exhibition is the first time this important group of work has been exhibited on its own.
We would be happy to welcome you for a private view. The catalogue is visible at the below link.
The exhibition runs April 2 – May 17, 2024.