RCM GALERIE is proud to present KAMMERER-LUKA: COMPUTER DRAWINGS FROM THE 1970s. The show, from January 12 to February 5, 2023 features some 50 works by the pioneering artist, who was a co-founder of the Groupe Art & Ordinateur de Belfort. Working with the programmer Jean-Baptiste Kempf, Kammerer-Luka, who was born in Germany in 1929, strove to implement calculations not only to explore artistic territory but also architecture and design, such as the underground pedestrian passage the duo designed for the Belfort station in 1973 using a double Fibonacci sequence. By the mid-1970s, Kammerer-Luka and Kempf were participating in key exhibitions, including the first exhibition of digital art at the Pompidou Centre, in 1978. Kammerer-Luka worked over a two year period at the museum’s ARTA studio, run by Christian Cavadia, where he produced a series of stunning plotter drawings, many of which resemble ancient hieroglyphs or line compositions on musical staves. The random distribution of basic elements underscored his work and he employed programs that transformed a reduced repertoire of shapes and patterns into a large number of possible compositional figures. Kammerer-Luka liked to think of using the computer’s sophisticated technology as a means of spiritual flight.